ABACS Matlab problems

Matlab versions
Matlab ABACS use the Matlab runtime libraries to compute the image's segmentation.

So, In order to run the ABACS module, you must have the free MATLAB runtime libraries installed on your computer.

To run ABACS you need to install R2017a (9.2).

You can install either of these from this web page:

Once installed, the libraries should be on your disk in the directory:
"C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime", with the sub-directory "v92".

Matlab stopped working
If ABACS stopped working for no apparent reason, (It was fine yesterday, but now it fails each time I try to start it!), it is probably caused by a bad Matlab cache.

Please delete the "mcrCache". Is should be located at: C:\Users\"your_user_name"\AppData\local\Temp\"your_user_name"\mcrCache9.2

Note: The "AppData" folder is an hidden folder. If you do not see it in your Windows browser, you need to change the settings in the "View\Options" menu. Under the "View" tab, select the "Show hidden files, folders, and drive" option.

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