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6 Rev-9c2

Updated: August 28th 2023
File Size: 351 Mb
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Requirements: Windows 7/8/10/11 (64 bits)
8GB RAM, OpenGL Graphics Card (preferably with a NVidia chipset)
ABACS Modes: This script contain 2 additional modes and 1 additional tool
  • Mode: ABACS
    By Voronoi Health Analytics
    This module is used to automatically compute the segmenation of CT slices at T4 or L3.
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6 Rev-9c

Updated: August 28th 2023
File Size: 36.9 Mb
License: The ABACS module need a special license.
Requirement: This revision of the module is compatible with sliceOmatic 6 Rev-9c.
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  • License Tools and Manual

    - License Installation Manual (95 Kb)
    - TomoVision_License program (358 Kb)
    HASP Tools and Drivers (V-8.53 2022-12-04)

    - The drivers for the HASP dongles are included in the sliceOmatic's download. But if you need it, you can also get a copy here.
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