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TomoVision develops and markets innovative easy-to-use yet powerful software for the medical community. TomoVision, a small Canadian company, started its operations in 1993.

TomoVision's first product, sliceOmatic, was developed as an in-house research tool. It was considered such a powerful tool that its fame grew by word of mouth, and soon it was used extensively by researchers around the world. Those who had the opportunity to use it were unanimous: sliceOmatic is the best tool for both Body Composition research and 3D Modeling of anatomical structures. After many years of continual improvement, it is now available to the public.

The first version of sliceOmatic was developed for SGI's UNIX computers in 1994. But the advent of Pentium processors and powerful OpenGL graphic cards made it possible to port the application on PCs. Starting with version 4.0, in 2000, sliceOmatic became a Windows application.

It used to be that importing the scanners images in the computer was more work than the actual research done with the images! To help with this task, sliceOmatic was equipped with internal format conversion for most of the proprietary scanner formats. Also, a free tool was developed to read the archive media directly in the computer. So many people had compatibility problems with their scanner images that it was decided in 2001 to make commercial products with the archive reader (readOmatic) and the format converter (DICOMatic).


TomoVision's two main products are geared to slightly different markets:

SliceOmatic is a powerful image analysis tool. With it you will segment MR and CT slices easily.
Its intended clientele are:
  • Body Composition Researchers
  • Biomechanists and Biomedical Engineers

  • DICOMatic is your link into the future from your old scanner to your PACS. DICOMatic will recognize almost all CT, MR, Nuclear and Ultrasound formats. The readOmatic module reads old archive disks or tapes directly onto any PC. Its conversion modules convert old proprietary format to DICOM without having to resort to a "Secondary Capture" optical scanner. There is even a module to hook up the scanner directly to the PACS!
    Its intended clientele are:
  • Radiologists and Technicians
  • Doctors and Surgeons.
  • Mission Statement

    The goal of TomoVision is to provide a stimulating, fun, and comfortable life to its owners. The stimulation is provided by the challenges of the medical imaging field, the fun part comes from having a good relation with the clients, and the comfort is insured by creating products that are both needed and reliable.

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    Support by phone is available from 9h00 to 17h00. For better responses times and more comprehensive support, we recommend that you send us your queries via email.

    Address: 3280 chemin Milletta, Magog, J1X 0R4, Canada
    Phone: (819) 843-1999
    Toll Free America: (877) 522-3559
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