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What is this service

TomoVision can read your archives and convert their content to DICOM for you. Depending on the number of images we will extract, the results can be sent back to you either on DVD or on SATA Hard disks (HD).

If the data is on a DVD, we will also place a DICOMDIR file in the root directory of the DVD. This file contain a complete index of all the patients, studies, series and images on the disk. It is readable by most DICOM applications.

If the data is on a HD, the images will be stored in a sub-directory for each study. We will also place the program "DICOM_Push" on the root of the disk. This small application will enable you to push any desired patient, study, series or images to your PACS from the disk to your DICOM network


The prices is function on the quantity and type of archive media you have. A detailed price list of the different media is presented further down.

Prices per media
Type Media Price each (in $us)*

5¼" MOD / WORM
Up to 1.3Gb
(include Pioneer DC-502a & DEC-702)
Up to 2.6Gb
(include Pioneer 1.7Gb MOD & WORM disks)
Up to 5.2Gb $200
Up to 9.1Gb
(include DVD-RAM 9.4Gb cartridge)
3½" MOD Up to 640Mb $100
DAT tape
DDS-1 (2Gb) $100
DDS-2 (4Gb) $150
DDS-3 (12Gb) $250
Exabyte tape
5Gb $100
10Gb $200
DLT tape 20Gb $400
40Gb $600
80Gb $800
160Gb $1000
9 Tracks tapes 800, 1600 & 6250 BPI $500

* Please note that all Prices are subject to change without notice.there is a minimum charge of $500 ($us) and that shipping is not included.

Large Quantity

If you have a lot of medias to read, please contact us for a quotation.

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