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  • Phelan Trinh

    Precision Image Analysis

    "SliceOmatic offers it all! Whether we want to utilize region growing, mathematical morphology, basic thresholding or even interpolation to analyze 3D images, SliceOmatic has fulfilled our needs in spades.

    As a dedicated medical image analysis company, we have demoed tens of segmentation programs (including all of the big names) only to have settled with Tomovision’s SliceOmatic as our primary tool.

    Not only does SliceOmatic make segmentation simple, fast and easy with the most diverse set of well-executed automated and manual tools, it was created by people that stand by their product. The service we have received is nothing short of extraordinary. Yves has always performed well above and beyond our expectations by creating custom modules and upgrades to suit our needs within days and always without a complaint.

    The flexibility and robustness of SliceOmatic, combined with the friendly and enthusiastic support of Tomovision’s staff allow me and my company to wholeheartedly recommend SliceOmatic to anyone that has segmentation needs and to declare it as one of the best programs available to date in this field."

  • David Maltbie

    Procter & Gamble
    "Ah, sliceOmatic is a work of art! It lets me take my less-than-perfect MRI data and make something beautiful out of it. I love the way it really lets you take a very close look at your data. The screen space is used very efficiently, the tools are kept out of the way and the data is front and center. The ability to quickly threshold and tag your data is great. It is then very easy to flip between morpho and edit mode and finish off the tagging. The 3d rendering and .stl file writing complete the package. The volume calculations are right on the money. While sliceO hasn't saved my life, it sure has helped save my job! grin. I recommend it to everyone who wants to tag MRI data..... "
  • B.J. Fregly

    Computational Biomechanics Lab, University of Florida.
    "SliceOmatic is a unique software package that makes the segmentation process easy, intuitive, and highly interactive. I can't imagine using anything else."
  • Judy Weltman

    General Clinical Research Center, University of Virginia.
    "We have been delighted with our Tomovision programs. The sliceOmatic program has far exceeded our expectations in terms of ease of use and quality of the output. We have found many more uses for this program than we ever expected. We have encouraged other research institutions to consider using sliceOmatic in their research. Thanks for the great product and the great service."
  • Dr. Steve Heymsfield

    St Luke Roosevelt Hospital, NY.
    "I wanted to report back to you the outstanding results obtained with the new slice0matic software. The system works beautifully and the new software greatly eases analysis of MRI scans. Please extend my thanks to Yves for a job well done."
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  • Courtney Rollins RDMS, RVT

    Baby Bump Ultrasound.
    "This software is very easy to use. It gives you the ability to create beautiful 3D models. I definitely recommend it!"
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  • James Hollister,

    The MRI Centers.
    "Dicomatic and Readomatic have been invaluable for our upgrade process. As an independent imaging company we tend to upgrade our equipment, purchase other independent facilities, and sell older equipment pretty often, and readomatic means that we never have to worry about access to studies done on older modalities. Dicomatic enables us to get rid of old junky equipment and still be able to retrieve old studies for comparison. It's great for medical care and saves us a ton of money.
    Top notch and very responsive tech support as well, I couldn't imagine a more helpful or easy to work with company than Tomovision."
  • Robert Hansen

    University of Toledo.
    "... by the way your software is #@$# awesome! thanks for everything!"
  • John Herricke

    Imaging Technical Operations, Perceptive Informatics.
    " Our organization required a dependable solution to improve our Image data transfer management processes. The Tomovision products have now provided us with a turn-key solution that has greatly improved our operational productivity in this area."
  • Bruce Barton

    BITS Ltd.
    "I installed 4 so far, many more to come. Quick response and solutions to any problems. So good, I want to be the US distributor."
  • Andrew Malkelfresh

    Duke Image Analysis Laboratory, Duke University.
    "DICOMatic is invaluable! Its ability to convert the wide spectrum of image formats to DICOM has saved us countless time and money."
  • Dermot Dobson

    Oxford Radcliffe University.
    "We use it routinely on an almost day to day basis - in addition, we were able to rescue all of the data from a 15 year old research study that would otherwise have been lost, after a new use for the original data developed."
  • Andrew F. Kraus

    Chief Technology Officer, ICON Medical Imaging.
    "We receive medical images from over a thousand centers around the globe. The Tomovision suite of products is a valuable component in our set of tools for imaging core lab operations."
  • Ron Hosenfeld

    Riverside Radiology Associates.
    "Riverside Radiology Associates has used DICOMatic very successfully to integrate and migrate legacy systems. We have been very impressed with DICOMatic's functionality and the excellent responsiveness of their development team."
  • Alistair Piggot

    Siemens UK.
    "Siemens has found that Tomovision provides a solution that enables us to differentiate our offer to our customers. This ensures that we can provide quality DICOM converted images within our customers hospital environment, on an immediate basis. This is particularly beneficial in Medico-Legal cases where images are required quickly to support evidence. The support from Tomovision has been excellent in ensuring the product meets our customers requirements, and also addresses the idiosyncrasies of the non-Dicom images by prompt updating of the SW version accordingly."
  • Lynn Copes

    Smithsonian Museum.
    "Thank you so much for making such a great product and backing it up with WONDERFUL customer service! I'm very impressed."
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