sliceOmatic 5.0 - How To Buy A License

Why buy a license?
You have tested sliceOmatic with your data, you like the results and now you want to be able to save your results and get rid of the pesky "Demo" watermarks on the screen.

How much does it cost?
The license for sliceOmatic is $4,000 ($US)*. These licenses are permanent and include 1 year of updates.

Please note a 10% educational discount is available on all licenses to universities or research groups associated with a university.

There is also a large quantity discount available (see below).

How do I buy a license?
Step 1 If you are part of a large enterprise, university or hospital, you probably need a quote in order to buy the software. If not, you can skip directly to step 2.
Step 2 Send us a P.O. (purchase order). If you want, you can use our order form.
We will process your request and send you:
1) an invoice
2) a USB dongle with 30 days licenses to get you going until we receive your payment.
Step 3 When you receive the dongle, please send us an e-mail to confirm the reception.
Step 4 When you receive our invoice, please send us a check at: TomoVision
3280 chemin Milletta
Magog, Quebec,

Note: If you wish you cal also pay with a credit card or a wire transfer, please consult our ordering policy.
Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you the permanent activation keys by e-mail.
Step 5 Enter your activation keys to unlock the software by following these steps:
  • Open the license program Tomovision_license
  • Save the activation key file attached with our e-mail
  • Simply drag and drop the license file on the license program
Your software is activated!

Do I qualify for a "large quantity" discount?

The discount chart is based on the total number of licenses sold to the same group. This count is cumulative.*

Number of licenses 1 2-4 5-10 11 and more
Discount applied (% of list price) No discount 10% 20% 30%
* Note: All Prices are subject to change without notice. The shipping charges do not include customs and taxes.
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