sliceOmatic 6 - Evaluation License

You want to evaluate the software?
Without a license the program will let you import your data and segment it. But it will not let you save any results. If you want to get some anatomical surfaces and volumes, you will need an evaluation license.

For this we need to ship you a USB "dongle" (our license work with dongles). Since these are rather expensive, we will need to ask for a deposit of $us 100. This dongle will contain a 30 days basic license and "tokens" to let you save up to 100 files. We will charge you $us 50 for this 30 days license.

So, here's the deal: if you want an evaluation license, you will have to send us payment of $150 + shipping (Either with a credit card or Paypal). This payment cover both the price of the demo license ($50) and a deposit on the USB dongle ($100). Once you have evaluated the software you have 2 choices: buy the permanent license or return the product.

If you buy it, the $us 100 dongle deposit is already decuced from the software price, and since you already have the dongle in hand, buying the software will not incur any additional shipping.

If you return us the software, we will refund you $100 dongle deposit once it is back in our hands. Unfortunately we will not be able to refund any customs you may have paid on the $100 dongle deposit.

So, if you want the evaluation license, just fill out this order form and email it to us. Do not send us any money yet, we will generate an email invoice. Once you have paid that invoice, we will FedEx you the evaluation license.

* Note: All Prices are subject to change without notice. The shipping charges do not include customs and taxes.
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