ABACS - How To Buy A License

How can I test the module?
If sliceOmatic does not find any of its licenses, then it will let you use the ABACS module, one slice at a time. So, if you are new to sliceOmatic and do not yet have a license, just install the ABACS module and try it out. If you do have a sliceOmatic license, you will need to unplug your USB dongle to try this module.

Why buy a license?
This product is not made by TomoVision but by Voronoi Health Analytics. The ABACS module needs its own license to work.

Do I also need a sliceOmatic license?
Yes. This module runs inside sliceOmatic's framework. You need a valid sliceOmatic license to use it.

How much does it cost?

This license needs to be renewed yearly:

  • The first year cost $2,000 (US dollars).
  • Each successive years cost $500 (US dollars).

  • Please note a 10% educational discount is available on all licenses to universities or research groups associated with a university.

    How do I buy a license?
    Step 1 If you are part of a large enterprise, university or hospital, you probably need a quote in order to buy the software. If not, you can skip directly to step 2.
    Step 2 Send us a P.O. (purchase order). If you want, you can use our order form.
    Note: If you want to pay with a credit card or Paypal, please let us know since we generate the invoice differently for those.
    We will process your request and send you an invoice
    Step 3 When you receive our invoice, please send us the payment, either by check, credit card, Paypal or wire transfer.
    Note: If you use a wire transfer, please consult our ordering policy.
    Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you the activation key for the module by e-mail.
    Step 4 Enter your activation keys to unlock the module by following these steps:
    - Save the license file attached with our e-mail.
    - Open the sliceOmatic program.
    - Simply drag and drop the license file on sliceOmatic.
    Your module is activated!

    * Note: All Prices are subject to change without notice.
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