License troubleshooting

The application is unable to find its licenses?
dongle TomoVision's licenses are stored in a USB key, also called a "dongle". The model of the dongle used by TomoVision is the HASP, manufactured by Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd.

Usually, if the application can not find its licenses, it is due to a communication problem between the application and the key.

Step-by-step check-list to help you correct the problem:
  • Is the HASP key working?
    When properly plugged and working, a red LED will light up in the HASP USB key.

    If this LED doesn't light up, either the dongle is not properly plugged, the USB port is defective or the dongle is defective. Try plugging the dongle on another computer. If it still doesn't work,
    contact TomoVision
    to exchange your dongle.

  • Are the HASP drivers installed and working?
    The drivers are installed by running the HASPUserSetup.exe program. This program is included in the file.

    Once the drivers are installed, you may need to reboot the computer.

    If the drivers are working properly, you should see the USB key under the "Universal Serial Bus controllers" section of the device managers' window.

    From the control panels (Start/Settings/Control Panel), start the "System" program. Go to the "Hardware" tab and click on the "Device Manager" button. You should see the "Aladdin USB Key" in the "Universal Serial Bus controllers" section.

    If the USB key is not recognized, download the file from

    Install the diagnostic utility on your computer.

    Run the DiagnostiX program.

    You should see both the Hardlock Drivers and HASP Drivers as "installed" in the "Dongle Drives and Services" section of the System Info window. If you do not, then you should download the latest version of the HASP HL drivers from Aladdin's web page and install them. If you still have problems with this, please contact TomoVision for more assistance.

  • Can TomoVision's program access the dongle?
    Start the

    program. The program will try to access your dongle, you should see a feedback of this at the beginning of the text window (you may have to scroll the text to see the first lines).

    • If the program reports "found 0 dongle":
      then it could not access the dongle. Press the "Ctrl-5" ("Ctrl" and "5" keys together). This will cause the program to create a trace file in the C:\temp directory. Please email this file to TomoVision with a brief description of your problem.

    • If the program reports "found 1 dongle with 0 valid licenses":
      The license are not in the dongle's memory, try to "drag&drop" the license file (you should have gotten it by email from TomoVision) on the TomoVision_License program. The text window should give you a good idea of what is going on. If the program is unable to write the licenses to the dongle, repeat the same step (drag&drop of the license file) after having placed the program in trace mode ("Ctrl-5") and send the resulting trace to TomoVision with a brief description of your problem.

    • If the program reports "found 1 dongle with n valid licenses" (n being greater than 0):
      The dongle is working and the license can be access by the license program.
      If another TomoVision application report that it can not find it's licenses,
      please contact us
      with a description of your problem!
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