Scratch directory is unreachable

Problems with the scratch directory
The "Scratch directory" is a directory where sliceOmatic store temporary files. The program need that directory to be accessible. If it can not reach it, it will probably have problems down the line...

By default that directory is "c:\Temp". But on some systems, that location is protected. If this is the case, you have 2 choices:
- You can change the security parameters and remove the protection from "C:\temp".
- You can change the default location for the scratch directory through the "sliceO_ini.scp" file.

Changing the scratch directory location
You can change the default location for the scratch directory for a location of your choices by editing the "SliceO_ini.scp" file. The file can be edited directly with notepad.

One the parameter in that file is used to define the scratch directory. Look for the lines:

; Define the directory used for temporary files.
; The default is: c:\Temp
;read: scratch "C:\Temp\"

The ";" is the comment character. You need to remove the comment (the ";") and replace "C:\Temp" by the location where you want the scratch file to reside.

Please note that there are pottentially 2 copies of the "sliceO_ini.scp" file:
- One copy, the first that the program will read, is located in the installation directory for sliceOmatic. (By default that is "c:\Program Files\TomoVision".) That copy of the file will always exist. It was created when you installed the sliceOmatic on your computer.
- The second copy is located in the user's directory (c:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\TomoVision). That copy only exist if the user has used the "config" menu in sliceOmatic to change and save the default configuration.

Since you probably want to change the scratch file location for all users, the changes should be in the sliceO_ini.scp file loacted in the installation directory. But you should also make sure that the user's copy of the file does not also changed the scratch file location! Since the user's copy is read after the installation copy, changes made there will overwrite any changes made in the installation copy.
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