Supported Media Formats

CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Disk formats

CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Disk formats
Format Notes
ISO 9660 This format is used mostly on CDs, but it can also be found on some DVD.
UDF UDF (Universal Disk Format) come in different revisions: from 1.02 (1996) to 2.6 (2005). it is used on CD, DVD and Blu-Ray disks.
MacOS HTF This format is used on some Macintosh disks
FAT & NTFS This format is still sometime used on Windows disks
Philips OSS & DSS This format can be found on DVD created by Philips' ultrasound systems.

Optical Disk formats

Optical Disk formats
Manufacturer Medium Format Notes
Alphatronix 5¼" MOD/WORM Alphatronix  
Camtronics 5¼" MOD/WORM Camtronics  
Elscint 5¼" MOD/WORM UNIX "efs"  
5¼" MOD/WORM FAT-16 Adaptec's variation of the standard Windows format
GE 5¼" MOD ODRP "Optical Disk Raw Partition". There are 2 variations of this format. One is used to store SIGNA images, the other to store NM images in DICOM
5¼" MOD/WORM DSS This format is used on some XA systems
5¼" WORM DoroFile This format use a re-mapping on top of a ODRP format to store SIGNA images on a WORM
5¼" MOD/WORM GE PACE developed by Yokogawa for the PACE scanner.
Hitachi 5¼" MOD/WORM RM-WXS The images on these disks are in MR HDL1 format
Imatron 5¼" MOD/WORM RT-11 RT-11 is a file format used by old DEC systems. To overcome the limited capacity of RT-11, Imatron will create many partitions on the MOD, each partition occupying 64K blocks.
Optimed 5¼" MOD/WORM KOM To be WORM compatible, Optimed use a "KOM" re-mapping of the disk on top of a standard FAT16 or NTFS system
Note: Due to the patents on the KOM format, readOmatic does not read this format anymore.
Philips 5¼" MOD CT-WXS The images on these disks are in CT HDL1 format
5¼" MOD/WORM SPI This format is used by Philips and Siemens.
5¼" MOD/WORM OSS & DSS This format is used on some Philips Ultrasound systems
Picker 5¼" MOD/WORM PICR  
Shimadzu 5¼" MOD/WORM IS&C This Japanese format is also referred to as ISAC. readOmatic will merge both the header and data parts of the image to create one NEMA file.
5¼" MOD/WORM SCT Old format used for their SCT scanners.
5¼" MOD/WORM MR Old format used for their MR scanners.
Siemens 12" & 5¼" MOD/WORM SPI  
5¼" MOD/WORM SIENET The archive format of the SIENET workstation.
Toshiba 5¼" MOD/WORM IS&C This Japanese format is also referred to as ISAC. readOmatic will merge both the header and data parts of the image to create one NEMA file.
5¼" MOD/WORM UNIX "efs" and "xfs"  
Walter Graphtek 5¼" MOD/WORM Walter Graphtek WG uses a proprietary format for their EEG archive disks
Other MOD FAT-12,16 and 32, NTFS These Windows disk formats are used by most modern scanners for DICOM disks.
MOD MacOS HTF/HFS This disk formats is used by some scanners running on Mac systems. The Mac file system is called HFS (Hierachical File System).
MOD UDF This disk DVD/Blu-ray disk format is also used on some high-density MOD.
MOD UNIX "BSD", "efs", "xfs", "ufs", "jfs" "ufs" (Unix file system) and "BSD" (Berkeley Software Distribution) are the most commun UNIX flavors. "efs" and "xfs" are used on SGI systems. "jfs" is from IBM's AIX systems.
MOD VMS DEC used the "Files-11" format for the disks formatted under their VMS operating system
NA DICOMDIR DICOMDIR is a file directory that sits on top of the disk format. When readOmatic encounters a DICOMDIR file, it uses the information from the file to structure the file tree with a patient/study/series/image hierarchy.

Tape formats

Tape formats
Manufacturer Medium Format Notes
Acuson DLT tapes MTFS  
Agilent / HP DLT tapes DSS Can contain ultrasound images in both DSR and DICOM formats
A.L.I. Technologies AIT tapes   Used by AMICAS?
GE 9 Track Tape CT9800  
9 Track Tape GENESIS  
9 Track Tape PACE  
9 Track Tape SIGNA  
DLT Tape DSS This format is used on some XA systems
4mm DAT Tape SIGNA The images on these tapes are in a variation of the Signa-5 format. ReadOmatic will re-order the image blocks to create standard Signa-5 files
Imatron 9 Track Tape    
Mitra LTO Tape   Archives from Mitra PACS
Philips 9 Track Tape HDL1  
9 Track Tape NEMA-1  
DLT Tape DSS Used by their ultrasound systems
Picker 9 Track Tape MR6B  
8mm Exabyte Tape IQ/PQ  
8mm Exabyte Tape PICR used by Picker for their UltraZ systems
Siemens 9 Track Tape SOMATOM  
9 Track Tape SPI  
Other Any Tapes BRU "Backup and Restore Utility"
Any Tapes TAR "Tape Archive". It is probably the most commonly used tape format.
Any Tapes MTF "Microsoft Tape Format", used by Microsoft tape backup utility
Any Tapes ANSI This tape format was used by VMS, IBM and a few other manufacturers
Not your format / media ?
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