DICOMatic 2.1 - How To Buy A License

Why buy a license?
Maybe you have tested DICOMatic with your data, you like the results and now you want to get rid of the pesky "Demo" watermark? Or you are using readOmatic to read your archive media and you would like to read more than 5 images at a time?

How do I buy a license?
Step 1 If you are part of a large enterprise, university or hospital, you probably need a quote in order to buy the software. If not, you can skip directly to step 2.
Step 2 Send us a P.O. (purchase order). If you want, you can use our order forms:
Annual license first year
Annual license renewal
Token license
We will process your request and send you:
a) an invoice
b) a USB dongle with 30 days licenses to get you going until we receive your payment. The tokens you use until then will be deduced from your permanent license when you receive it
Step 3 When you receive the dongle, please send us an e-mail to confirm the reception.
Step 4 When you receive our invoice, please send us a check at:
3280 chemin Milletta
Magog, Quebec,
Note: If you wish to pay by wire transfer, please consult our ordering policy.
Upon receipt of your check, we will send you the permanent activation keys by e-mail.
Step 5 Enter your activation keys to unlock the software by following these steps:
  • Open the license program Tomovision_license
  • Save the activation key file attached with our e-mail
  • Simply drag and drop the license file on the license program
Your credits are now available!

Which license do I need?
There are 2 types of licenses available for DICOMatic: The annual license and the token licenses.

The annual license is for those who will only occasionally need to have access to a study from their old archives. It allows for an economical way to transfer studies from your archive medias to your PACS "on demand".
It is also the perfect license for those who want to hook-up an old non-DICOM scanner to a DICOM network.

The token license is for those who want to read a huge quantity of images. If you plan to transfer your complete media archives to your PACS, or if you are an imaging center dealing with thousands of images, then you need the token license.

  • Annual License
  • Token License
What is the annual license?

With this license, you are provided with 2 license keys: a "study" license for the readOmatic module, and "token" license for the conversion module.

The readOmatic module is licensed "by study". The key will allow you to read up to a fixed number of studies inside a year. Each study read from a tape or an MOD will be counted again this number.

The conversion module is licensed with a "token" key valid for 1 year. If the images are read through readOmatic, each study read will consume 150 tokens to convert, otherwise, each image converted consume a token.

This license need to be renewed each year. However the renewal price is 25% less than the initial first year license.

How much does it cost?

The annual packages prices are (in $US)*:
price first year price succesive years reaOmatic license conversion license
$1,000 $750 400 studies 60,000 tokens
$2,000 $1,500 1,000 studies 150,000 tokens
$3,000 $2,250 2,000 studies 300,000 tokens
* Note: All Prices are subject to change without notice.

How is this license working?

Transferring images from an archive media to your PACS require 2 steps. Both can be done from inside the readOmatic module, but they still are licensed differently.

1) Reading images from the media:

The study ID of each file read from a medium will be compared to a list of studies already read. If the image is from a new study, then the total number of studies in your license will be decrease by one and this study ID will be added to the list.

The list of studies already read is cleared when you eject the media, or when you ask readOmatic to re-scan the media.

Note: Some medias are structured in a such a way that it is impossible for readOmatic to know the Study ID of a file on it. If this is the case of your medias, assuming that a typical study contain 100 images, and that a typical image is smaller than 1Mb, we will charge 1 study for every 100Mb read from the media.

2) Conversion the images to DICOM:

Once the images are read from the media, they need to be converted to DICOM. If the conversion is done from inside readOmatic, then as long as you have a valid study license, the conversion will be done. readOmatic will consume 100 tokens per study it conevrt. If the conversion is done outside readOmatic (DICOM_Watch or DICOMatic) it will consume 1 token per converted image.

What is the token license?

With this type of license, the product is licensed "per use". Each action of the product consume tokens. You need to buy these tokens from us. They are stored in a USB dongle and are sold by bundles with prices going from $5,000 (for 2,000,000 tokens) to $15,000 (for 10,000,000 tokens).

To give an example, if you ask the readOmatic module to read and convert a MOD (Magneto Optical Disk) containing 1,000 images, the program will consume 2 tokens per image (1 to extract the file from the media, 1 to convert the extracted file to DICOM), for a total of 2,000 tokens. If you bought your tokens with the $5,000 bundle, then you have used $5 worth of tokens. If you bought your tokens with the $10,000 bundle, then you have used $4 worth of tokens. If you bought your tokens with the $15,000 bundle, then you have used $3 worth of tokens.

Note: The number of tokens needed to read an MOD are capped to a maximum. Please see further down for more informations.

Of course, it is always possible to add tokens to your dongle. You can buy additional tokens at any time, they will be added to the total already present in your license dongle.

How much does it cost?

The token bundle prices are (in $US)*:

  • $5,000 for 2,000,000 tokens (¼¢ each)
  • $10,000 for 5,000,000 tokens (1/5¢ each)
  • $15,000 for 12,000,000 tokens (1/8¢ each)

* Note: All Prices are subject to change without notice.

How are the tokens used by the modules?

conversion module:

Each image file converted will use one token. However, if a file contains multiple images, then the module may use more than one token depending on the number of images and their size in pixels. The module will use 1/16 of token for each image of 64x64 pixels or smaller, ¼ of token for images between 64x64 and 128x128 pixels and 1 token each for bigger images. The resulting count will be rounded up to the next integer

readOmatic module:

If a file is smaller than 10Kb, we assume it is not an image and it we will not charge for it. However, if a file is bigger than 1Mb, then it probably contain multiple images and we will use 1 token per megabyte to read it.

The number of token needed to read and convert the content of a WORM or MOD disk are capped to a maximum. Reading or reading and converting files from a disk will not consume more than the maximum number of token. This maximum is only function of the disk density. This maximum is in effect as long as the user does not re-scan the disk.

Disk Density Maximum Token Necessary
up to 1.3Gb (650Mb, 1.2Gb, 1.3Gb) 2,500 tokens per face
up to 2.6Gb (2.3Gb, 2.6Gb) 5,000 tokens per face
up to 5.2Gb (4.1Gb, 4.8Gb, 5.2Gb) 10,000 tokens per face
up to 9.1Gb 20,000 per face
more than 9.1Gb no maximum

This is to help you estimate how many tokens are needed to read a disk: Since you can be sure that it will not be more than the maximum, and since this maximum is set low enough that reading most disks will reach it, You can budget that the maximum number of token are needed per disks.

DICOM_Watch and Connect module:

Both these modules by themselves do not use any tokens, however, they call the conversion module who, in turn, does consume tokens as described above.

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