DICOMatic 1.8 - Previous versions
Critical updates New features an updates Minor changes

2008 and Before
Please contact TomoVision for versions dating before 2009.

2008 (Merged versions: all modules in one file)
  • readOmatic: Fix a problem with some DVD_RAM in UDF format.
  • readOmatic: Fix a problem with FAT32 if the first boot block is empty
  • DICOMatic: A lot of work on the Varian format. Added a Varian_rules.txt file to grab information from the "studypar", "procpar" or ".fdf" files and make them available to the rules.
  • DICOMatic: Fix a problem with tag (0028,0008) for multi slice enhance MR and CT.
  • DICOMatic: Add 4 new variables to control the Float to Unsigned short convertion for CT or MR formats using floating point values. Normally, the conversion is donne by computing the minimum and maximum float values in the images and doing:

    // --- Variables Used to rescale floats to unsigned short ---
    // FLOAT_SCALE = 64000 / (FLOAT_MAX- FLOAT_MIN) ;
    // unsigned short value = (float value - FLOAT_OFFSET) * FLOAT_SCALE ;

    Now, you can assign values to the FLOAT_MIN, FLOAT_MAX, FLOAT_OFFSET and FLOAT_SCALE values. If a value is assigned to one of these variables, that value will be used instead of the computed one.
  • DICOMatic: Fix some possible Y2K bugs. If a date is > 2080 and < 2100, then we assume that the date is realy date-100 (somewhere between 1980 and 2000).
  • DICOMatic: Some work on Interfile format. Add pixel spacing info, frame time info and changed "Acquisition number" for "Series number" for multi frame.
  • DICOM_Watch: We do not add a "\" anymore to "." when specifying a directory with the configuration menus.
  • DICOMatic: some changes to the rules:
    • it no longuer expand string in quotes
    • the modulo character is now "@", I had problem in displaying the "%" character since "C" use that for special string operations.
    • if used in integer operation, dates are expressed as: (((year * 100) + month) * 100) + day so if you want (for example) to create a string with year-month-day in didgits, you could use:
      INT_0 = STUDY_DATE @ 100 ; extract the day
      INT_1 = (STUDY_DATE / 100) @ 100 ; extract the month
      INT_2 = (STUDY_DATE / 100) / 100 ; extract the year
      REPORT "text from date: " INT_2 "-" INT_1 "-" INT_0
  • DICOMatic: Fix a problem with image having Elsint PMSCT_RLE1 private compression tag but the image is not compressed.
  • Connect: Fix a deadlock when unable to read a file.

  • DICOMatic: Add support for the PMSCT_RLE1 compression in some Philips DICOM images.
  • DICOMatic: Better study and series number for Toshiba VF format.
  • readOmatic: Add support for MacOS HDF CD disks.
  • readOmatic: Allow more special characters in the file names.
  • readOmatic: Add study date & time for DICOMDIR files
  • Connect: Complete re-design of the configuration menus.
  • Connect: Add the FTP push capability.
  • DICOM_Watch: add the "convert_dicom" parameter to the configuration.

  • DICOMatic: Now support invalid DICOM files with VR=OX.
  • DICOMatic: Fix a problem with tag (0054,0014) for PET images.
  • readOmatic: Fix a problem with UDF CD/DVD with 16 bit characters.
  • readOmatic: Fix a problem with ISO9660 CD with 16 bit characters.
  • readOmatic: Fix a problem with ISO9660 CD with no sub-directories.
  • Connect: Fix a crash with "iif" files.
  • Connect: Fix a deadlock problem.
  • DICOMatic: Add the possibility of preserving private tags from an Implicit VR original file. The explicit VR version produce by DICOMatic will have VR=UN.
  • DICOMatic: Fix a bug with DICOM images that have "items" in their image stream (7FE0,0010) even though the image stream is of fixed lenght.
  • DICOMatic: Fix 2 bugs with ultrasound images when the "split multiframe" option is selected: The region of calibration where not written to the DICOM file, and the (0028,0009) tag was written even though it was not needed.
  • readOmatic: Removed a check on the Volume_Descriptor_Tag integrity that prevented some DVD from being read.
  • DICOM_watch: Fix a syntax problem with the "kept" command when writing and reading back .ini file.

  • readOmatic: Fix some problems with ANSI tapes.
  • readOmatic and DICOM_Watch: Fix a regitery problem in the installation script that prevent the applcations from finding DICOMatic.

  • DICOMatic: Some changes to the internal structure of the DLL libraries
  • DICOMatic: Fix a crash in DSR files if the GainSave tag had more than 128 bytes
  • DICOMatic: Add support for Lumisys optical scanner format
  • DICOMatic: fix a bug when assigning date and times to int of float variables in the rules.
  • readOmatic: Add support CD and DVD drives
  • readOmatic: Add support for ISO-9660 CD
  • readOmatic: Add support for UDF DVD
  • readOmatic: Fix a bug with the SPTI interface
  • readOmatic: Add a new ".ini" variable to skip the DICOMatic conversion phase when pushing to PACS if the file on the media is already a valid part-10 DICOM file. This parameter "convert_dicom" can also be set from the configuration interface.

  • DICOMatic: Now use the 2008 DICOM tables
  • DICOMatic: Lossy JPEG decoding sometimes overflow the pixel range. the PVRG decoded pixels are now clipped to the accepted range.
  • DICOMatic: Fix a bug with the Siemens ECAT format for ".v" files
  • DICOMatic: remove any "double spaces" embeded in patient names.
  • DICOMatic: fix a problem with little-endian Varian images.
  • DICOMatic: Add the variable "COMMENT_1" to "COMMENT_9" in the rules files, The HDL1 comments are now stored in COMMENT_1 to 5.
  • readOmatic: Fix a problem with Toshiba compressed IS&C disks. If the compressd images contain pixels that overflow 32767, the image could be seen by DICOMatic as byte swapped.
  • DICOMatic: fix a problem with Toshiba IS&C compression if the pixel values overflow 32767.
  • DICOMatic: fix a problem with Analyze format if header is different from the expected size of 0x04000.
  • DICOMatic: add support for the little-endian version of the Toshiba MR "VF" files.
  • DICOMatic: fix a bug with a variation of the Toshiba NM NEMA-1 format where multiples NEMA headers are present before the images.
  • DICOMatic: add a few tags in the Picker IQ/PQ CT converter.
  • DICOMatic: add an image number to DEFF files.
  • readOmatic: Fix bug in the Push to PACS opt. if DICOMatic has splited a multi-image file.
  • readOmatic: add support for Bmap inodes on UNIX xfs disks.
  • readOmatic: fixed a problem that prevent the 3rd page of the configuration from reading the SCSI_List.dat file.
  • Connect: First beta release of the Connect module.

2007 (Merged versions: all modules in one file)
  • DICOMatic: Fix a bug that prevent some dates from being used in the rules
  • DICOMatic: Add support for FONAR MR images.
  • DICOMatic: Better support of Toshiba VF format
  • DICOMatic: Add binary operators in the rules (&=and, |=or, ^=xor) also add better support for hex variables (must start with "0x").
    ex: the lines "if (IMAGE_FLAG & 0x8000)" and "IMAGE_FLAG=IMAGE_FLAG^0x8000" are now valid.
  • DICOMatic: Change the accession variable from int to char *.
  • DICOMatic: Add support for DICOM segmented palettes.

  • DICOMatic: More Work on Picker IIF MR format. Added a lot of information (such as Patient DoB and sex...)
  • DICOMatic: add a new keyword in the .ini file: "unix_filename" that is used to enable/disable the unix file name compatibility. It is now off by default. If on, any non compatible char from the file names are replaced by "_"

  • DICOMatic: Image with untrusted orientation are now created as "SC" regardless of their real modality.
  • DICOMatic: Work on the Toshiba NM format.
  • DICOMatic: Work on the Toshiba VF format.
  • DICOM_Watch: Patch the program so that it work correctly with images splitted by DICOMatic (it used to work only with single frame files).

  • DICOMatic: Work on the Picker IIF format. The pilot's dimensions are now extracted from the image's info.
  • DICOMatic: Add the "Frame duration" information in the Toshiba NM format

  • All: work even if the battery in the HASP dongle has expired.
  • DICOMatic: Fix a bug with explicit lenght items and sequences. some tags could be placed in the wrong sequences if multiple elements (seq. and items) all stoped at the same positions.
  • DICOMatic: Fix a bug with Toshiba NEMA-1 NM DYNAMIC images.
  • DICOMatic: Fix a bug with Toshiba NEMA-1 CT images. The images where not identified as AXIAL, preventing the proper inversion of the "z" values. This cause the pilot and axial slices to be mismatched.
  • DICOMatic: Add the DICOM tags in the allowed math. operation of the rules. (ex: IMAGE_NUM = IMAGE_NUM + (0021,1050) )
  • DICOMatic: catch a Toshiba Y2K bug where image dates over 2000 are expressed as 1900 + 1xx -> 191xx.yy.z Since the last digit of the day is lost, the date can not be used an it is rejected.
  • DICOM_Watch: add the possibility of skipping DICOMatic if it is not present and the images are already DICOM part-10 files.

  • DICOMatic: Work on the GE PET format: we no longer create multi-frame files since there is no multi-frame in the PET modality.
  • DICOMatic: Fix a bug with DICOM patient name that where terminated with ^ The fisrt name was lost.
  • ReadO: Add support for unknown format tapes. We can now dump all the files if the tape support it.
  • DICOMatic: Fix a bug for old NEMA-1 format where tag (0028,0030) had only one argument.

  • ReadO: Fix a problem with old DICOMDIR that had the illegal "/" char in tag (0004,1500). The program would remove the offending char and report that it was unable to locate the file.
  • DICOMatic: better cleanup of VR=AS strings
  • DICOMatic: Fix a bug with multiple leading spaces in multiple VR=CS values.

  • DICOMatic: Fix a bug with Gyroscan SPI-1 format: the "z" position was inversed for Head First images.
  • DICOMatic: Fix a critical bug with tag (0028,0030) "Pixel Spacing", the horizontal and vertical values may be swapped for some formats.

  • DICOMatic: Add the patient ID in Somatom Plus-4 format
  • DICOMatic: Work on Picker MR "IIF" format (from Nordstar)

  • DICOMatic: Fix rule bug with IMAGE_POS_Y and IMAGE_POS_Z
  • DICOMatic: Can use hexadecimal values with "0x" prefix in rules
  • DICOMatic: Can now read private DICOM tag with empty originator tag
  • DICOMatic: Can read Varian files with longer lines (2048 /vs/ the old 256 char)
  • DICOMatic: Some work on Toshiba "Flexart" format
  • DICOMatic: Add IMAGE_FLAG to the rules. The recognized bits for the flag are:
    0x0001 // SLICE_TRUST_ORIENT_XY orientation should be good !
    0x0002 // SLICE_TRUST_ORIENT_Z orientation should be good !
    0x0004 // SLICE_TRUST_GRAY do not need to flip gray levels !
    0x0008 // SLICE_BAD_DIM dimensions where missing

    0x0010 // SLICE_ORG_CENTER_HORIZ 0,0 at center of image
    0x0020 // SLICE_ORG_CENTER_VERT 0,0 at center of image
    0x0040 // SLICE_ORG_BOT 0,0 at bottom of the image
    0x0080 // SLICE_ORG_RIGHT 0,0 at right of the image

    0x0100 // SLICE_FLIP_AXIS_HORIZ "x" axis must be flipped
    0x0200 // SLICE_FLIP_AXIS_VERT "y" axis must be flipped
    0x0400 // SLICE_FLIP_AXIS_DEPTH "z" axis must be flipped

    0x1000 // SLICE_FLIP_IMAGE_HORIZ Image must be flipped horizontally
    0x2000 // SLICE_FLIP_IMAGE_VERT Image must be flipped vertically
    0x4000 // SLICE_AUTOFLIP_HORIZ keep the image seen by the feets

  • All: Changed the HASP license library from HASP4 to HASP_HL. This should enable Remote Login to work even on Vista.

  • DICOMatic: Add support for uncompressed screen capture in Camtronics XA format.
  • DICOMatic: Change the UID generation to also include the study date in the UID.
  • ReadO: Fix a bug that may cause a crash after reading 5 images in unregistered version.
  • ReadO: Some cosmetic changes to the GE Pace interface

  • All: Merge DICOMatic, readOmatic and DICOM_Watch in 1 install file.

2007 (Split versions)
DICOMatic rev-2b
  • Add some support for Siemens ECAT NM format
  • Change the text parsing when finding radioisotope for NM and PET
  • Fix a bug with some Bruker images where the "z" distance between slices was incorect
  • Fix a bug that prevent IMAGE_POS_D from being computed before the rules where applied
  • Fix a Siemens bug. In some CT images they have a tag (0040,0275) with a wrong syntax. I now disregard this tag.
  • Interpolate B&W portion of DSR images that are only half-a-frame in cine loop (either only even or only odd frames)

DICOMatic rev-2
  • Change the value of element 0000. The tag 0000 is no longer counted in the group's lenght (- 12 bytes to the old lenght).
  • Change the series comment for Hitachi HDL1 to be more explicit

DICOMatic rev-1f
  • Fix a bug with dates using "feb" for the month.
  • Use the fisrt char of TIFF images to set the "endian" value for 16 bit TIFF images.
  • Add 2 new informations from Hitachy HDL1 MR files:
    - Scanning Sequence (00018,0020)
    - Series comment (0008,103E) (I use the protocol number in this one)

readOmatic rev-1c
  • Fix a few bug with the Picker PICR Exabyte tapes

DICOMatic rev-1e
  • Fix an alignment problem for Siemens Vision format
  • Corectly convert FUJI files with multiple CR images
  • Change the Image number processing in Siemens SPI with tag (0051,1010)

readOmatic rev-1b
  • Add support for Ge PACE Exabyte tapes
  • Add the media content to the audit trace

DICOMatic rev-1d
  • Fix a problem with Kretz files that had multiple group 0xD000 values
  • Fix a problem for images that had a study_ID but no study_number, the UID did not include the study_ID.
  • Fix a problem with some JPEG images.
  • Changed the demo watermark.

2006 (Split versions)
Watch rev-1b
  • Now periodically (every 100 loops) cleanup the "skip list". This is the list of files that the program skip in the target directory.

DICOMatic rev-1c
  • Fix a bug bug that prevent assignment to "SCAN_TYPE" and "MODALITY" variables in the rules.
  • Better assignment of string to int in rules

DICOMatic rev-1b
  • Fix a bug with Toshiba Flexart format
  • Remove the tag (0018,A001) "Contributing Equipment Sequence" Apparently it cause problems with some viewers
  • Add a few new rules variables:
    - IMAGE_POS_X, Y, Z

DICOMatic rev-1
  • Official release of 1.8 rev-1
  • Changes to the .ini syntax
  • Add the rules file
  • Add interactive tag editing
  • Better work on dates and names
  • Now can correct Philips private seq. endian error for fixed and var. size sequences
  • Add support for ATLI ulstrasound format
  • Add support for Siemens NM with image in private group 0x7FE3
  • Add support for Toshiba IS&C NM format
  • Add support for the compressed version of the Picker IP/PQ format
  • Add support for the "Angio Threshold" informatin in DSR files
  • New "Config" interface
readOmatic rev-1
  • Official release of 1.8 rev-1
  • Sync with DICOMatic's new DLL
  • New .ini syntax
  • Now read the .ini in the install dir and in the user's dir
  • Fix a bug with Toshiba IS&C merge
  • Fix a bug that prevent reading IS&C disks with over 2,000,000 blocks
  • Add more error detection in IS&C. Can now skip over bad dir entries
  • Add support for Philips Enconcert Ultrasound MOD
  • Add support for UNIX xfs disks
  • Add support for UNIX BSD disks
  • Fix a memory leak that cause a crash for TAR tapes
  • New "Config" interface
Watch rev-1
  • Official release of 1.8 rev-1
  • Add value "0" to the sleep parameter. If selected this cause the program to go only once through the "watched" dir and then exit.
  • Sync with DICOMatic new DLL
  • New .ini syntax
  • Now read the .ini in the install dir and in the user's dir
  • New "Config" interface

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