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Baby SliceO 6.0 - Previous versions
Critical updates New features an updates Minor changes


  • Fix some DLL version problems and add tests opn DLL versions.
  • Increase the version number on all DLLs.
  • A recent problem with Nvidia drivers (#461.40) cause the program to hang on "SwapBuffer()". So now by default, the program start in single buffer mode. This will cause some flicker when scroling images. You can revert to double buffer from the "Config\Drivers" interface. However, if this cause the program to hang, you will need to rollback your changes by deleting the "BabySliceO_ini.scp" file in the c:\Program Files\Users\your_name \AppData\Roaming\TomoVision" directory.
  • Some Intel drivers have problems with the OpenGL function glDrawPixels. You now have the option of not using glDrawPixels in Config/Drivers. It is also the bit 0x02 for the variable $OPENGL_FLAG. So, if the program crash after some time working on an image, you may try enabling the "no glDrawPixels" option. But be aware that I did see some weird things when not using it and running the program in remote. $OPENGL_FLAG: bit 0x01 = no double buffer, 0x02 = do not use glDrawPixels.
Additional Modules


  • Update to the latest sliceOmatic DLL.
  • Add support for multi byte user name.
Additional Modules


  • More explicit error messages when starting Cuda.
  • Add geometry for the Rift S "touch" devices.
Additional Modules


  • Fix a geometry problem in the marching cube that may cause wrong polygons.
Additional Modules


  • Add a clipping frame to the table of tools in VR Volume.
  • Add the tool table to the VR Edit mode.
  • Split the VR Edit option menu in 3 to accomodate the new tabs from the tool table.


  • Beter/faster gestion of the OpenGL contexts. Plug a leak in context swap.
  • Fix a crash when loading previously saved volumes.
  • Fix a bug in VR-Rotate menu.
  • Fix a problem when saving after a rotation.
  • Increase speed of filter if kernel < 1.
  • Another speed improvement for the filters: for large volumes, the filter now always use a R**2 algorithm (a 20x speed improvement).
  • Add export in DICOM and NRRD for resliced volumes as an additional module.
Additional Modules


  • Fix a crash in VR Volume.
  • Add support for Siemens Acuson S2000 DICOM output.
  • Add Oversampling option.


  • Add Clip planes, a camera and measurements to the Volume VR mode.
  • Add Oculus Touch key mapping to the Edit VR menu.
  • Fix a left/right hand interface disparity in VR.
  • Cosmetic changes to the VR menus.
  • Better volume shading in volume tool.
  • Fix a bug in Samsung "MVL" reader.


  • Fix a freeze in non-VR edition
  • Add clip planes and measurements in Volume VR
  • Add 2D copies of the main VR menus to help external control of the VR experience.


  • Place VR modes in a new separate Mode menu
  • Interactive light placement in "Light" menu in "Edit VR".
  • New menus in "Edit VR": "ROI", "Cleanup", "Rotate", "Projection" and "Mask"
  • Add support for DICOM Enhanced Ultarsound
  • Fix a few bugs for some Samsung .mvl images


  • I forgot to mention before: the polygon models for the Oculus Touch controlers is based (with their permision) on models created by Carbon Games (fttp:// Thank you Carbon Games.
  • Complete re-design of the engine to enable 90 fps in VR.
  • New option menus in VR.
  • New "Volume VR" mode.
  • New re-design of the "Db File management" mode.
  • Better control of the frame selection with multi-frame datasets.
  • New "Acquisition" class to help with the multi-frame datasets.
  • New option to share TAG values between frames in multi-frame datasets.
  • Fix a bug in DICOM "Enhanced Ultrasound" SOP.
  • Fix a bug in big, older MVL files (MVL Medison).
  • Fix a bug in some Kretzfile files.


  • Fix a crash in Edit.
  • Add haptic feedback in VR + config option to adjust it.
  • Add a new config option to disable the back-face removal in VR.


  • Add new variable $THRESHOLD_FLIP to flip the threshold test from:
    tag = gli > threshold ? 1 : 0
    tag = gli < threshold ? 1 : 0
    This enable to create surface around blood vessels.
  • Add 6 new variables: $RESLICE_CLIP_X_MIN, X_MAX, Y_MIN, Y_MAX, Z_MIN and Z_MAX These clipping planes are compute only on spherical models. They are used to clip the dataset in it's spherical system before it is converted to Cartesian.
  • Add new 3D US formats and improved existing formats.
  • Better support for 4D datasets.
    + Each 3D datasets is only reslice the first time it is selected.
    + The TAG data is shared between all datasets while the GLI is individual to each.
    + We save each 3D datasets individually.
  • Rename the variable $RESLICE_MAX_VOXEL to $RESLICE_VOXEL_CUDA and add a config interface to change it in the 3D page.
  • Fix a problem with negative GLI and threshold values.
  • Better treatment of voxels outside the FoV.
  • New Config menu.


  • Finished the 1rst version of the "Edit VR" module..
  • Fix a bug with Ge Kretz file that flip the image in spherical.
  • Fix a bug with aspect ratio for Spherical Kretz files.
  • Add suppot for Ge with "KRETZ_US" private tags.


  • Fix some holes in the 3D geometry.
  • Improve the filter's speed.
  • Fix a small problem with the Holes tool that would created unwanted polygons in the higher filling radius values.
  • added keyboard shortcuts:
    "s" / "a" for +/- 1 to threshlod values
    "S" / "A" for +/- 10 to threshlod values
    "f" / "d" for +/- 1 to filter values
    "F" / "D" for +/- 10 to filter values
    "w" / "q" for +/- 0.1 to Edit brush pressure
    "W" / "Q" for +/- 1.0 to Edit brush pressure
    "r" / "e" for +/- 0.1 to Edit brush radius
    "R" / "E" for +/- 1.0 to Edit brush radius
  • Fix a crash when saving configurations.
  • Fix a crash when loading a dataset with the ROI mode open.
  • Save rotation matirx in script.
  • Preparation work for the VR edit mode (still waiting for the Oculus Touch release).


  • Huge speed improvements.
  • Few other small fixes.


  • Fix a bad DLL link for Baby_Protected.dll when exporting geometries.
  • Better test of the Nvidia graphic card.
  • Add Rotation module.
  • Few other small fixes.


  • First iteration of the 6.0 version.
  • All 3D computation now done in CUDA.

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