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Baby SliceO 6.0 - Previous versions
Critical updates New features an updates Minor changes


  • Update to the latest sliceOmatic DLL.
  • Add support for multi byte user name.
Additional Modules


  • More explicit error messages when starting Cuda.
  • Add geometry for the Rift S "touch" devices.
Additional Modules


  • Fix a geometry problem in the marching cube that may cause wrong polygons.
Additional Modules


  • Add a clipping frame to the table of tools in VR Volume.
  • Add the tool table to the VR Edit mode.
  • Split the VR Edit option menu in 3 to accomodate the new tabs from the tool table.


  • Beter/faster gestion of the OpenGL contexts. Plug a leak in context swap.
  • Fix a crash when loading previously saved volumes.
  • Fix a bug in VR-Rotate menu.
  • Fix a problem when saving after a rotation.
  • Increase speed of filter if kernel < 1.
  • Another speed improvement for the filters: for large volumes, the filter now always use a R**2 algorithm (a 20x speed improvement).
  • Add export in DICOM and NRRD for resliced volumes as an additional module.
Additional Modules


  • Fix a crash in VR Volume.
  • Add support for Siemens Acuson S2000 DICOM output.
  • Add Oversampling option.


  • Add Clip planes, a camera and measurements to the Volume VR mode.
  • Add Oculus Touch key mapping to the Edit VR menu.
  • Fix a left/right hand interface disparity in VR.
  • Cosmetic changes to the VR menus.
  • Better volume shading in volume tool.
  • Fix a bug in Samsung "MVL" reader.


  • Fix a freeze in non-VR edition
  • Add clip planes and measurements in Volume VR
  • Add 2D copies of the main VR menus to help external control of the VR experience.


  • Place VR modes in a new separate Mode menu
  • Interactive light placement in "Light" menu in "Edit VR".
  • New menus in "Edit VR": "ROI", "Cleanup", "Rotate", "Projection" and "Mask"
  • Add support for DICOM Enhanced Ultarsound
  • Fix a few bugs for some Samsung .mvl images


  • I forgot to mention before: the polygon models for the Oculus Touch controlers is based (with their permision) on models created by Carbon Games (fttp:// Thank you Carbon Games.
  • Complete re-design of the engine to enable 90 fps in VR.
  • New option menus in VR.
  • New "Volume VR" mode.
  • New re-design of the "Db File management" mode.
  • Better control of the frame selection with multi-frame datasets.
  • New "Acquisition" class to help with the multi-frame datasets.
  • New option to share TAG values between frames in multi-frame datasets.
  • Fix a bug in DICOM "Enhanced Ultrasound" SOP.
  • Fix a bug in big, older MVL files (MVL Medison).
  • Fix a bug in some Kretzfile files.


  • Fix a crash in Edit.
  • Add haptic feedback in VR + config option to adjust it.
  • Add a new config option to disable the back-face removal in VR.


  • Add new variable $THRESHOLD_FLIP to flip the threshold test from:
    tag = gli > threshold ? 1 : 0
    tag = gli < threshold ? 1 : 0
    This enable to create surface around blood vessels.
  • Add 6 new variables: $RESLICE_CLIP_X_MIN, X_MAX, Y_MIN, Y_MAX, Z_MIN and Z_MAX These clipping planes are compute only on spherical models. They are used to clip the dataset in it's spherical system before it is converted to Cartesian.
  • Add new 3D US formats and improved existing formats.
  • Better support for 4D datasets.
    + Each 3D datasets is only reslice the first time it is selected.
    + The TAG data is shared between all datasets while the GLI is individual to each.
    + We save each 3D datasets individually.
  • Rename the variable $RESLICE_MAX_VOXEL to $RESLICE_VOXEL_CUDA and add a config interface to change it in the 3D page.
  • Fix a problem with negative GLI and threshold values.
  • Better treatment of voxels outside the FoV.
  • New Config menu.


  • Finished the 1rst version of the "Edit VR" module..
  • Fix a bug with Ge Kretz file that flip the image in spherical.
  • Fix a bug with aspect ratio for Spherical Kretz files.
  • Add suppot for Ge with "KRETZ_US" private tags.


  • Fix some holes in the 3D geometry.
  • Improve the filter's speed.
  • Fix a small problem with the Holes tool that would created unwanted polygons in the higher filling radius values.
  • added keyboard shortcuts:
    "s" / "a" for +/- 1 to threshlod values
    "S" / "A" for +/- 10 to threshlod values
    "f" / "d" for +/- 1 to filter values
    "F" / "D" for +/- 10 to filter values
    "w" / "q" for +/- 0.1 to Edit brush pressure
    "W" / "Q" for +/- 1.0 to Edit brush pressure
    "r" / "e" for +/- 0.1 to Edit brush radius
    "R" / "E" for +/- 1.0 to Edit brush radius
  • Fix a crash when saving configurations.
  • Fix a crash when loading a dataset with the ROI mode open.
  • Save rotation matirx in script.
  • Preparation work for the VR edit mode (still waiting for the Oculus Touch release).


  • Huge speed improvements.
  • Few other small fixes.


  • Fix a bad DLL link for Baby_Protected.dll when exporting geometries.
  • Better test of the Nvidia graphic card.
  • Add Rotation module.
  • Few other small fixes.


  • First iteration of the 6.0 version.
  • All 3D computation now done in CUDA.

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