• sliceOmatic

    Fast and Powerful Analysis Software


    Automated CT image analysis

  • Baby SliceO

    3D models from ultrasound data

  • DICOMatic

    Effective and Easy Conversion Into DICOM format

  • Migration Service

    Migrating Legacy datas

TomoVision develops and markets innovative easy-to-use yet powerful software for the medical community
Our Products
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    sliceOmatic 5.0
    SliceOmatic is an easy-to-use, powerful and affordable medical image analysis software that enhances researchers' ability to measure, segment and analyze multi-slice scanner data.
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    Baby SliceO
    Create 3D printable models from ultrasound data.
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    DICOMatic 2.1
    DICOMatic is a medical image format converter. It will convert most proprietary image formats to DICOM format.
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    TomoVision 2.1
    TomoVision is a freeware tool for Windows allowing you to display a wide range of medical images.
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    DICOM Tools
    Several useful tools for people who work with DICOM files.

Latest Releases

sliceOmatic 5.0
Revision 14

New: A lot of changes!
Baby SliceO 6
Revision 5b

Improved VR Volume module.
New: DICOM and NRRD Export options.

What clients say

  • "SliceOmatic is a unique software package that makes the segmentation process easy, intuitive, and highly interactive. I can't imagine using anything else."
    B.J. Fregly
    from , Computational Biomechanics Lab, University of Florida.
  • "Ah, sliceOmatic is a work of art! It lets me take my less-than-perfect MRI data and make something beautiful out of it. I love the way it really lets you take a very close look at your data. ... "
    David Maltbie,
    from Procter & Gamble

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