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Baby SliceO Baby SliceO is derived from the sliceOmatic software. It is optimized for the creation of 3D STL models from ultrasound data. It can work directly with almost all of the 3D ultrasound data formats in either Cartesian, Cylindrical or Spherical systems.

Baby SliceO is written using the CUDA language, enabling it to use the power of the massively parallel Nvidia GPU.

Its powerful edition tools enable you to clean up your data and produce beautiful models.


Baby SliceO Real time 3D edition:

By using the power of the Nvidia GPU, the program achieve real time 3D edition of the data. The powerful editor let you modify the original date in the 3 orthogonal 2D views, or directly on the 3D model. The program compute the polygon surface based on the edited values in real time.

Optimized for Ultrasound:

The modules of Baby SliceO have been optimized to work with ultrasound datasets. Its highly interactive segmentation and edition tools help you isolate the relevant voxels and remove undesired tissues and artefact to create 3D models of unborn babies.

3D and 4D:

The program read both 3D and 4D models. When using a 4D models, you will be able to easily navigate the multiple 3D datasets to select the best one to export as a polygonal model.

VR Edition:

Baby SliceO The VR edition Mode let you edit and clean your models in record time. You dominant hand manipulate the sculpting tool while your other hand hold the 3D model. With the stereoscopic VR goggles, you have the impression that the model is there right in front of you. It is almost impossible to describe how fast and easy it is to prepare your model using the VR mode.

Cartesian and Spherical:

Baby SliceO can work with the reformatted Cartesian datasets, or directly with the original Spherical datasets produced by the ultrasound scanners. The software can import the datasets directly from most of the ultrasound manufacturers.

3D export:

Baby SliceO create and export 3D polygonal models. You can export the data in up to 6 polygonal formats including STL, and OBJ.

Baby SliceO
3D printing optimization:

Not only will the program will let empty your models with the click of a button to economize on the printing media, but it will also create internal structures inside the model to give it more rigidity.

Required Hardware

Baby SliceO require a 64 bit Windows (either 7, 8 or 10).

Baby SliceO is written using the CUDA language, enabling it to use the power of the massively parallel Nvidia GPU. But this mean that it can only work with graphic cards that have the Nvidia chipset. And even then, you need a graphic card that support CUDA 3.0 or higher. This limit you to cards having the Kepler, Maxwell or Pascal micro-architecture.

To know if your graphic card is compatible you can check Nvidia's web site at:

VR Mode: The "VR Edit" and "VR Volume" modes can only be used if you have an Oculus Rift and the Oculus Touch devices installed on your system.
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