Tool: 2D CT Gradient


This tool is designed to get better results from Morpho and Snake modes when using CT images.


It enable the gradient of the images, used in these modes, to be limited to a defined threshold range.





CT Image


Normal gradient


Gradient with threshold




From the Graphic Interface




TAG / Min / Max

If you have used the Thresolding or Region Growing tools, there may already be threshold values associated with different tags.  You can use the keyboard or the mouse wheel to change the tag used or the minimum / maximum threshold associated with a tag.  The gradient for any pixel outside this range will be forced to 0.


Display Gradient


For all the frames in the display area, we will display the gradient of the images instead of the images.  You can change the brightness/contrast of the displayed gradient with the Color Scheme tool.



From the Display Area


There is no Display Area interaction specific to this tool.



From the Keyboard




From the Command Line