ABACS+ - How To Buy A License

How can I test the module?
ABACS+ use its own USB license dongle. So to test the module, you will need to order the ABACS+ dongle & demo license package. The dongle containing a demo license, valid for up to 30 days and that will let you segment 25 slices, will be sent by FedEx. The same dongle will also be used to host the yearly licenses of ABACS+ if you decide to continue using the module. If you do not want to use the module, return us the dongle for a $100 refund.

You can get a quote or use the P.O. form for the "dongle & demo" package from the "How do I buy a license?" section of this page.

Why buy a license?
The ABACS module is not made by TomoVision but by Voronoi Health Analytics. and is sold as a plugin for sliceOmatic. Without a license the "compute" function of the module will be disabled.

Do I also need a sliceOmatic license?
Yes. This module runs inside sliceOmatic's framework. You need a valid sliceOmatic license to use it.

How much does it cost?

This license needs to be renewed yearly:

  • First you need an ABACS+ license dongle (it come with a demo license) for $150 (US dollars).
  • Then you need the first year license for $2,850 (US dollars).
  • Each successive years after that cost $1,000 (US dollars).

  • How many images can I segment?

    The number of new images you can anlyze with each yearly license is limited to 10,000. Only new images are counted. You can re-visit images that where previously segmented as may times as you want. So, for example, if a new tissue is added in a later version of ABACS+, you can process your images a second time without adding to the count.

    Can I upgrade from ABACS to ABACS+?

    Yes you can upgrade from ABACS to ABACS+.

  • First you need an ABACS+ license dongle (it come with a demo license) for $150 (US dollars).
  • Then you need the upgrade license, giving you a first year of ABACS+, for $850 (US dollars).
  • Each successive years of ABACS+ after that cost $1,000 (US dollars).

  • Please note a 10% educational discount is available on the yearly and upgrade licenses to universities or research groups associated with a university.

    How do I buy a license?
    Step 1 If you are part of a large enterprise, university or hospital, you probably need a quote in order to buy the software. If not, you can skip directly to step 2.
    Step 2 Send us a P.O. (purchase order). If you want, you can use our order form.
    Note: If you want to pay with a credit card or Paypal, please let us know since we generate the invoice differently for those.
    We will process your request, FedEx you the ABACS+ dongle, and send you your invoices
    Step 3 When you receive our invoice, please send us the payment, either by check, credit card, Paypal or wire transfer.
    Note: If you use a wire transfer, please consult our ordering policy.
    Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you an e-mail to start the "C2V"/"V2C" activation process.
    Step 4 To "burn" your new license on your dongle, you will need to send us a "C2V" file.

    Once we receive that file, we will generate a "V2C" file that we will send you back. You then need to "burn" this file in the ABACS+ dongle.

    These steps are described in more details here: ABACS+ License

    * Note: All Prices are subject to change without notice.
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