Tool: 2D Pixel Interpolation


With this tool, you can interpolation to smooth out the GLI pixels when the image is magnified.





Pixel Interpolation: Off


Pixel Interpolation: Linear


Pixel Interpolation: Cubic




To interpolation is only displayed at high magnification.  If the image magnification is inferior to $INTERPOLATION_MIN (default=2) the interpolation is not displayed.




To interpolation will interfere with the "Mode Thresholding" visualization.




To interpolation will severely decrease the image refresh rate.



From the Graphic Interface




Off / Linear / Cubic

These  buttons change the interpolation mode. 

Off turn it off

Linear use a bilinear interpolation based on the pixels immediate neighbours.

Cubic use a Catmull-Rom cubic spline to interpolate from a matrix of 4x4 pixels.




From the Display Area


There is no Display Area interaction specific to this tool.



From the Keyboard


The following commands can also be mapped to keyboard keys as a shortcut:




Key map







Toggle the interpolation mode between Off and Linear.



From the Command Line


System Variables defined in this library:





Current interpolation mode: 0=off, 1=linear, 2=cubic (Default = 0)




Minimum magnification for interpolation (Default = 2)


Commands recognized in this library:


Interpolation: Mode (Off | Linear | Cubic | Toggle)

Set the current interpolation mode:

Off = Disable interpolation ($INTERPOLATION_MODE=0).

Linear = Enable bi-linear interpolation ($INTERPOLATION_MODE=1).

Cubic = Enable bi-cubic interpolation ($INTERPOLATION_MODE=2).

Toggle = Toggle between modes off and linear.