The sliceO_ini.scp file


There are 2 copies of SliceO_ini.scp: the first is in the directory of the sliceOmatic program, the second in the user’s private directory (usually on XP it is C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\TomoVision\, on Windows 7 it is C:\users\user name\AppData\Roaming\TomoVision).


At startup, the program reads both files, starting with the one with the sliceOmatic program. This enables you to have preferences defined for all users (from the copy in the program’s directory) and preferences tailored for each user (from the copy in the user’s directory).


The copy in the user’s directory is generated and modified with the preference menu of the program. If you want to apply the same preferences to all users, overwrite the copy in the program’s directory with the one generated by the sliceOconfig program.


The “SliceO_ini.scp” file contains a series of command statements using the script file syntax. A detailed description of these commands can be found in Appendix C of the User’s manual. The commands found in the “.ini” file are:



Basic Module:



undo: number val

(val= 0 to 20. Def=20)


undo: size val

(val= ? to 100. Def=50)


overlay: 2D val

(val is a bit field with the first 4 bits used. Def=00000002)


interface: size val

(val=small,medium or big. Def=big)


main: floating val

(val="on" or "off, Def="off")


read: scratch path_name



read: startup file_name






File Module:



read: path path_name

(path_name is the default path)


regional: fraction val

(val= "." or",". Def=".")


regional: separator val

(val= "tab"| or " ". Def="tab")


regional: filler val

(val= " ", "0" or"---". Def=" ")


write: header patient val

(val= on or off. Def=on)


write: header scanner val

(val= on or off. Def=on)


write: header image   val

(val= on or off. Def=on)





TAG Module:



Tag: number val

(val=16,32,64,128 or 256. Def=128)


Tag: autosave val

(val= time in min. Def=0)


Tag: suffix val

(val="off" or suffix. Def="off")


Tag: path val

(val="off" or path name. Def="off")





3D Module:



overlay: 3D val

(val is a bit field with the first 4 bits used. Def=00000005)


OpenGL: speed val

(val=1 to 100, def=1)


Transform: mode val

(val= Track, Classic or Patient. Def=Track)





Drivers Module:



OpenGL: context val

(val is the current context. def=fixed by Windows)